Ka/Noa Modelabel der Zukunft

Herbstkollektion 2018
Herbstkollektion 2018

Ka/Noa ist ein italienisches Modelabel das mit zeitlos elegantem Design besticht. Es gefällt uns, weil es weit ab vom Mode Mainstream, der heute vor allem durch Beliebigkeit und immer schlechter werdende Ware auffällt, kompromisslos Qualität vor Quantität setzt.

Das hochwertige Material wird ausschließlich in Italien hergestellt und verarbeitet. Das Motto ´weniger ist mehr´ entspricht unserer Anschauung, dass wirklich luxuriöse und begehrenswerte Produkte auch nur unter würdevollen Bedingungen entstehen können. Die sogenannte slow-fashion ist die Mode der Zukunft.


Ka/Noa Boutiquen gibt es in Crans-Montana, Lausanne und Zürich.


Interview with Ka/Noa Designer Bruno Grande

-          How important is it to you that your clothes are ´made in Italy ´ and what does it mean to you?


-          100% made in Italy is so important that it is the founding principle of this project. A real made In Italy from the yarn to the label. To me it means that the touch and the feel and the quality are at a totally different level than anything else. We have to make sure we can preserve this unique know how by supporting crazy projects like this one.




-          Which are in your opinion the biggest challenges for the fashion industry today?


-          There are too many products, produced in inacceptable human and environmental conditions. People have to be aware and take action to protect the production made in respectful conditions, but this must be accompanied by an acceptance of a higher price tag. Nowadays people don’t understand the price of things and want too many things too fast and too cheap. Another challenge is the digitalization and the loss of human contact and relationship, and personal advices.




-          How do you define luxury?


-          Luxury is a subjective definition. Not only a material thing. It’s connected to quality and time: time to spend with people that matters, time to produce qualitative items, time to wait (like for good wine), time to talk and to listen.




-          If there is only one piece of the new collection you could buy which would it be? 


-          A Conrad shirt with our unique designed collar. 




-          Are you going to stick with men’s clothes or are there any plans for a woman’s collections?


-          Already today we are selling certain items to women (jeans, shirts, pullovers). There is no immediate plan to develop a woman a collection, but never say never. We react by emotion and there might be some inspirational designs that will lead to a collection.